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Esper is a command-line program which merges Morrowind plugin files (mods, in other words).

It is written in the Common Lisp programming language.

Download (zip file)

Zipped Windows XP executable: Get latest here


See README.txt


  • Stop merge-records output from containing *every* record it sees
  • get rid of null characters from DESC strings and other string subrecords when reading/writing ESTXT files.
  • Wildcards in command line specification of plugin names
  • If bare plugin name does not exist, look in Data Files subdir of *morrowind-directory*
  • Get correct size of ESM files when writing header for output plugin
  • {{ESPER:!CLOT,!ARMO}} = merge all the usual record types except CLOT & ARMO
  • {{ESPER:REPLACE}} = when merging records, all records in this plugin should completely overwrite matching records

Feature wish list

  • many of these are low priority as they are already done by other tools.
  • function: "clean evil GMSTs"
  • function: "clean" - remove duplicate records (done by merge-plugins using only one file), duplicate references, clean GMSTs, remove empty cells, remove empty dialogue topics
  • merge heads, hairs, etc (like Wrye Mash)
  • simple GUI, using DORMOUSE or CLIM etc?