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Bug fix: when drill sessions span more than one file, display items in the other files correctly.
(Previously the only items which worked correctly were those in the buffer/file where org-drill was invoked.)

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 ;;; org-drill.el - Self-testing with org-learn
 ;;; Author: Paul Sexton <>
-;;; Version: 1.5
+;;; Version: 1.6
 ;;; Repository at
       (unless m
         (error "Unexpectedly ran out of pending drill items"))
-        (set-buffer (marker-buffer m))
+        (switch-to-buffer (marker-buffer m))
         (goto-char m)
         (setq result (org-drill-entry))
           (setq end-pos (point-marker))
           (return-from org-drill-entries nil))
          ((eql result 'skip)
-          nil)   ; skip this item
+          nil)                          ; skip this item
            ((<= result org-drill-failure-quality)