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 llamar = to be named
-** Grammar rules
+** Grammar rules 1
 # More simple cards -- here the question and answer are produced purely using
 # cloze deletion of test in [square brackets], without the need to hide any
 *** Grammar Rule                                     :drill:
+To form the plural of a noun ending in a consonant, add [-es] to the end.
+*** Grammar Rule                                     :drill:
 To make the plural of an adjective ending in [a stressed vowel or a consonant 
 other than -z], add /-es/.
+** Grammar rules 2
+# An example of a 'multicloze' card. One of the areas marked with square
+# brackets will be hidden (chosen at random), the others will remain visible.
 *** Grammar Rule                                     :drill:
+    :DRILL_CARD_TYPE: multicloze
+    :END:
-To form an adverb from an adjective, add [-mente] to the [feminine|gender] 
+To form [an adverb] from an adjective, add [-mente] to the [feminine|gender] 
 form of the adjective.
 ** Vocabulary