DRILL_CARD_TYPE property should be inheritable

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I often have a long list of similar card types under a common headline, like

* my headline
  :DRILL_CARD_TYPE: twosided
** first card                    :drill:

I'd like "first card" to inherit the DRILL_CARD_TYPE property from "my headline". I'Ve set the org-use-property-inheritance variable to t:

# Local Variables:
# org-use-property-inheritance: t
# End:

I understand that you'd just need to add the optional inherit argument of the org-entry-get[1] function in line 2052.

[1] http://orgmode.org/manual/Using-the-property-API.html

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  1. Paul Sexton repo owner

    Hi, sorry I only just saw this. I have changed the call to 'org-entry-get' in 'org-drill-entry' so that DRILL_CARD_TYPE will be inherited. I'll commit the changes soon.

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