Org-dril and description lists

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Pavel Vavilin
created an issue

I thitk, that it is a good idea to use org-drill with description lists. Is it real?

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  1. Pavel Vavilin reporter

    For example, I have description list like that:

    • Foo :: is just foo
    • Bar :: is totally bar
    • Buzz :: is another word from foo and bar

    And org-mode display and export it like description list with descripted word (Foo,Bar,..) and it's description.

    My question is about org-drill around that. Org-drill could add task about every description in two directions: descripted word for description and another way.

  2. Paul Sexton repo owner

    I suggest you look into creating a custom card type. Have a look at the functions ‘org-drill-present-translate-number’ and ‘org-drill-present-spanish-verb’ at the end of org-drill.el. I’m sure there will be some elisp functions that allow you to extract information from description lists (or lists in general).

    If you write something that works and is generalisable, let me know and I may include it in org-drill. Sorry but I can’t write everyone’s custom card functions for them.

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