Automatic "reschedule" of failed card

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Matus Goljer
created an issue

In anki, when I fail a card, it will automatically show me the same card in the current session. In org-drill, it prompts for a "schedule" date, and I have to RET it every time. I've fixed this by rewriting org-drill-smart-reschedule by including (org-schedule t "+0d")). It would be nice to have a user-option to automatically present the failed item in this same session again, until it is presented some limited number of times, after which it will be scheduled for future session.

Am I making sense?

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  1. Paul Sexton repo owner

    Org-drill has never prompted me for a schedule date when I fail an item. Are you using the latest version from this repository? And are you using org mode version 8 or greater?

  2. Matus Goljer reporter

    I'm using org-drill and org-plus-contrib from the org package.el repository, version is 20131104.

    I open from this repo, start org-drill. I hit 0 0 on the first item it presents me with. Then it pops up calendar and I have to pick a date (it defaults to "today"). I hit RET and go to next question. Then if later this same question pops up and I "fail" it again, I have to again schedule it for some day (defaults to "today").

  3. Paul Sexton repo owner

    I just tried this and it behaved correctly for me, i.e. it did not prompt me to enter any dates. I suspect you are using an old version of org-drill. Can you please try using the latest version from this repository? Also make sure there is no 'org-drill.elc' hiding anywhere. In the next few days I will update the version in the main org repository.

  4. Matus Goljer reporter

    All right. I see that the code in the repo is now (org-schedule '(4)) instead of (org-schedule t). That indeed fixes the problem.

    I'll pull the code from the repo then. Thanks for patience.

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