Broken version warning

Issue #19 resolved
Sebastian Sontberg
created an issue

Executing org-drill gives:

"Warning: org-drill requires org mode 7.9.3f or newer. Scheduling of failed cards will not work correctly with older versions of org mode. Your org mode version (7.9.3f) appears to be older than 7.9.3f. Please consider installing a more recent version of org mode."

This doesn't make sense. But: Are my cards in danger?

org-version: Org-mode version 7.9.3f (release_7.9.3f-17-g7524ef @ ... )

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  1. Paul Sexton repo owner

    Your version of org mode still has the old version of 'org-schedule', which won't work properly with org-drill. You need to update to a newer version of org mode. Your cards won't get damaged, but scheduling of failed cards will not work properly.

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