org-drill fails with Lisp error: (void-function org-toggle-latex-fragment)

Issue #22 resolved
Igor Sosa Mayor
created an issue

I get the following trace:

orgmode 8.2.10 and the present hg version of org-drill.

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  1. Paul Sexton repo owner

    Hi, the function org-preview-latex-fragment has had its name changed to org-toggle-latex-fragment. However, so far this change is in the development (very latest) version of org rather than version 8.2.10 which you are using.

    The easiest thing is probably to put something like this in your emacs init file:

    (when (and (fboundp 'org-preview-latex-fragment)
               (not (fboundp 'org-toggle-latex-fragment)))
      (defalias 'org-toggle-latex-fragment 'org-preview-latex-fragment))
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