Feature request: count failed cards to the session limit.

Issue #31 resolved
Matus Goljer
created an issue

Say I have the card limit set to 20. If I fail (status 0,1,2) 10 cards, I'm now studying at least 30 cards in that session, of which many may be new (which I might fail too) and this can go on forever. The failed cards should be counted to the session limit, as after I "OK"ed them I will have precisely 20 (= the limit) cards studied.

In other words, the cards to be studied should behave as if they were chosen before the session starts and no other cards could go into it. With the current behaviour I can study arbitrary amount of cards if I first fail all of them.

As a point of reference, Anki behaves like the above.

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  1. Matus Goljer reporter

    Thanks, though I would argue that the default should be flipped, even if it breaks prior behaviour. I can't think of any other program where only the successful items are counted and I used a few (anki, lwt, supermemo)---I think most people would expect to study X items if they set the limit to X, not "X but possibly arbitrary number". The limits exist to limit the time you invest, and you don't want to end in the middle of a session with failed cards because that doesn't help your learning.

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