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At the end of each drill-session, the mini-buffer shows some stats. Is it possible to re-display these stats later? I don't see a function for this.

It would be particularly nice to be able to put them in an org-table, like we can do with time tracking.

Thanks for any info!

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  1. coyotespike reporter

    I solved this issue in two ways.

    First, I added to org-drill-final-report. I copied the display after (setq prompt (format, and put it inside a block saying (write-region (format...) nil "~/Documents/"). This writes the display inside the files, overwriting each time. (This seems to have mysteriously stopped working, but it was working before)

    Second, I now simply go over to the *Messages* buffer, and copy from there. The mini-buffer is transient and cannot be copied, but Messages shows what the minibuffer has displayed.

    However I preserve the minibuffer message, I copy it into my file. Of course it would be convenient to simply copy it there (and ideally add up the stats) automagically, but with my current level of emacs-fu this is sufficient.

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