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I've created many new cards - I imported the 1000 most common spanish words.

This results in many items being scheduled on my agenda. However, org-drill seems to be reviewing new cards, instead of first reviewing the cards scheduled for today.

Even after running org-drill and org-drill-again several times, these items persist on my agenda, because they haven't been reviewed.

To get rid of them, I hit return to go the item from the agenda, and then run org-drill-tree to review that one item. Setting org-drill-overdue-interval-factor to 1.0 did not resolve the issue.

Is there any better way to review only items due today?


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  1. coyotespike reporter

    This issue disappears after all cards have been reviewed once. So it seems pretty minor, and I'll close it out to allow more important issues to take precedence.

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