Option not to show comments in answers.

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Bernard Hurley
created an issue

It would be nice if there were an option not to show comments in answers.

In cards for programming languages it would be nice if the comments surrounding code blocks in answers could be hidden.


Bernard Hurley

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  1. Paul Sexton repo owner

    That's a pretty narrow use case, especially if you mean comments within the source block. I suggest you look into writing a custom card function (see org-drill-card-type-alist) to extract the code from the source block, remove comments, and display it directly. Have a look at org-drill-present-translate-number for ideas.

  2. Bernard Hurley reporter

    I was thinking of hiding org-mode comments in the answer. just like they are hidden in the question. It's really just a matter of aesthetics; I think the comments surrounding a code block look ugly. Personally I don't see any need for the user of the cards to see org-mode comments at any time. This could be done with a new card definition but it to be overkill to me especially as it would require new definitions for every type of card used; perhaps an org-drill-hide-all-comments option would be better.

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