How "experimental" is SM8?

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The overview page is not very clear about this. Is it done and simply untested or is it still not finished? I am interested in using it and feeding back if it is the first case.


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  1. Paul Sexton repo owner

    It's described as "experimental" because it's a simplification of the SuperMemo "SM8" algorithm. I mostly use simple8 and have found it to work very well. When I tried SM5 I found its schedule intervals were too long ie items were put too quickly into the "needs very infrequent review category".

    I don't need feedback on simple8 thanks as I am not planning to refine it any further as it works well for me. If you want a well-tested algorithm you should use SM2 as this is the same one used by many popular spaced repetition programs such as Anki.

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