org-drill doesn't accept Near miss and worse

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I was using org-drill to learn Swedish verbs in the last couple of months. When I tried it again today I ran into problems. Whenever I answer 0, 1 or 2 when getting asked "How well did you do?" emacs opens the calendar and asks me to choose a date (just as if I typed C-! in an org file).

How to reproduce the error: 1. Open the attached file. 2. Do M-x org-drill RET. 3. Press any key 4. Press 0,1 or 2.

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I'm using GNU Emacs with Org Mode 8.0.3 (according to this version includes org-drill 2.3.7).

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  1. Lukas F.

    Yes, I am. No, I'm using the version that comes with the latest ELPA package of org-plus-contrib. However using the latest org-drill from this repository works indeed. Is it possible to integrate the current version of org-drill into the org-plus-contrib package on ELPA?

  2. Paul Sexton repo owner

    OK, I have pushed the latest version to the org-mode repository. I know nothing about ELPA so if it doesn't show up there you will need to contact whoever maintains that service.

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