cjson-effbot / ChangeLog

Changes in current snapshot

  * Take default encoding into account when encoding 8-bit strings.
    The encodings 'ascii', 'iso-8859-1', 'latin-1', 'us-ascii' and
    'utf-8' are handled with optimized code, other encodings via
    Python's standard encoding machinery (Fredrik Lundh)
  * Minor string and number encoding optimizations (Fredrik Lundh)

Changes in version 1.0.5

  * Check if module initialization failed.
  * Removed useless checks on module initialization.
  * Added __version__ attribute to the cjson module.
  * Call Py_INCREF before calling PyModule_AddObject.

Changes in version 1.0.4

  * Added licensing information.
  * Fixed issue with decrementing a string reference too early
    (Edouard Hinard <>).
  * Fixed 64-bit portability problems (based on a modified version of a
    patch by David Rushby <>).
  * Fixed issue with not returning NULL after setting the OverflowError
    when encoded strings would be too big.
  * Fixed 2 potential buffer overflow errors when encoding string/unicode
    (thanks to Ofer Faigon <> for pointing them out).
  * About 10% speed improvement when encoding/decoding string/unicode.

Changes in version 1.0.3

  * Updated the function docstrings to include information about the
    available optional arguments and their meaning.

Changes in version 1.0.2

  * Define INFINITY and NAN if missing as they are not available on all
  * Define Py_IS_NAN if missing as python2.3 doesn't have it.
  * Removed min and max macros as they were no used.
  * Remove and the build directory on debuild clean.

Changes in version 1.0.1

  * Clean some more leftovers on debuild clean.
  * Removed unused import in
  * Fixed function comment.