Re-create boosters with your cards!

This script is very useful to create new boosters with old cards and a CSV export from


  1. You need to download the AllSets.json file from MTGJson and put it next to the index.js file.

This data file is necessary in order to know the composition of a booster in a given extension, as well as the extension codes.

Note: This may change in the future as it's annoying to setup.

  1. Export and download your collection as a CSV file from

WARNING: Be careful to check "Rarity" when you export your CSV file, as the script needs this information!


Usage: index.js <inventory.csv> [options]

  --noland       Skip land cards
  -h, --help     Show help                                          [boolean]
  -e, --edition  Only use the given edition(s)/extension(s), can be an edition
                 code (ORI) or an edition name ("Magic Origins")      [array]
  -c, --count    Create this many boosters                       [default: 1]

  index.js ~/inventory.csv -e "Magic Origins" -c3
  index.js ~/inventory.csv -e KTK -e DTK -c2 --noland

Example output

node index.js ~/inventory.csv -e ORI -c2 --noland

----- unsorted --------------- BOOSTER 1 --------------- sorted -----

120  Tainted Remedy         Magic Origins    42  Yoked Ox
222  Angel's Tomb           Magic Origins    52  Deep-Sea Terror
 96  Eyeblight Massacre     Magic Origins    65  Negate
210  Blazing Hellhound      Magic Origins    68  Ringwarden Owl
159  Ravaging Blaze         Magic Origins    96  Eyeblight Massacre
208  Yeva's Forcemage       Magic Origins   115  Reave Soul
200  Timberpack Wolf        Magic Origins   120  Tainted Remedy
228  Guardians of Meletis   Magic Origins   159  Ravaging Blaze
246  Evolving Wilds         Magic Origins   200  Timberpack Wolf
 65  Negate                 Magic Origins   208  Yeva's Forcemage
 52  Deep-Sea Terror        Magic Origins   210  Blazing Hellhound
 42  Yoked Ox               Magic Origins   222  Angel's Tomb
 68  Ringwarden Owl         Magic Origins   228  Guardians of Meletis
115  Reave Soul             Magic Origins   246  Evolving Wilds

----- unsorted ------------- BOOSTER 2 ------------- sorted -----

141  Embermaw Hellion     Magic Origins     6  Aven Battle Priest
 67  Psychic Rebuttal     Magic Origins    67  Psychic Rebuttal
198  Somberwald Alpha     Magic Origins    71  Send to Sleep
108  Malakir Cullblade    Magic Origins    91  Deadbridge Shaman
286  Plummet              Magic Origins    95  Eyeblight Assassin
281  Mind Rot             Magic Origins   108  Malakir Cullblade
 91  Deadbridge Shaman    Magic Origins   115  Reave Soul
 71  Send to Sleep        Magic Origins   141  Embermaw Hellion
 95  Eyeblight Assassin   Magic Origins   154  Mage-Ring Bully
  6  Aven Battle Priest   Magic Origins   164  Subterranean Scout
164  Subterranean Scout   Magic Origins   190  Nissa's Pilgrimage
154  Mage-Ring Bully      Magic Origins   198  Somberwald Alpha
115  Reave Soul           Magic Origins   281  Mind Rot
190  Nissa's Pilgrimage   Magic Origins   286  Plummet


Colors are used in your terminal to display cards rarity :)