Sublime text 2/3 configuration

This configuration uses the Nexus theme.


You need:

  • Git
  • Mercurial
  • Sublime Text 2/3 :) ยก Install script not tested on Windows for Sublime Text 2 !



You can install this via the command line with either curl or wget.

via curl:

curl -L "" | bash -s 3

via wget:

wget --no-check-certificate "" -O - | bash -s 3

You can replace the bash -s 3 by bash -s 2 in the install command if you are using Sublime Text 2 and not Sublime Text 3 ;)


Clone this repository anywhere, then simply launch install.vbs by double-click or from command line with cscript install.vbs.

If you're using command-line, you can add a parameter matching Sublime Text version you are targetting, by default it will target version 3.