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Arimaa game viewer makes possible to share variations with comments. Eventually it is possible to share Arimaa game board collaboratively in real time. If possible, the project becomes general Arimaa analysis tool, so that different statistics and visuals are provided for existing games.



Arimaa is well protected but has fair use for free personal and educational purposes. See: Arimaa licence, current version can be found at:

I have gotten permission for this project to be released.

This software is being provided with a written authorization from and in compliance with "Section 3
of the Arimaa Public License". Authorization #100911. Any rights granted by the end user license of this software
apply only to this software and do not extend to the Arimaa game. The end user is responsible to ensure that any
derivate work based on this software complies with the Arimaa Public License and obtain any authorization or
license by contacting The Arimaa name is a trademark of The Arimaa game is patented.
The Arimaa game rules, the Arimaa board design and the Arimaa piece design are copyright protected. The Arimaa
Public License allows cost free use of the Arimaa game for non-commercial use.

See this discussion for verification:;action=display;num=1283517561

The project code is under MIT license (the libraries, too). Basically I don't prevent to use it in any way but it must be in compatible with the terms in Arimaa public license.