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eggrid v0.1 -- an eggy grid system built with lesscss

eggrid aims to provide a simple, alternative way to produced grid based designs
by using less as a preprocesser, we can add some simple logic to create modular grid systems
3 variables control the entire layout of the grid (found at the top of grid.less)  
  total width of design
  size of gutters between columns
  number of columns
the api is simple and clear to use, consisting of:
  .grid(grid#); <--- basic grid
  .grid_alpha(grid#); <--- special grid for first nested child 
  .grid_omega(grid#); <--- special grid for last nested child 
  .pre(grid#); <--- provides left padding 
  .suf(grid#); <--- provides right padding 

Usage is demonstrated in the example.less file.

eggrid is built with lesscss and needs less to compile.
information on less usage can be found at:

As in any grid system, try not to play with the horizontal paddings/margins of the grid elements unless you know what you're doing :)
If you need horizontal padding/margin provide it on the child elements.

Send any questions to or eggsby on freenode :)