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This website is outdated and not maintained anymore. Please visit our new EggRider user manual.

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EggRider Mobile App

Both Android and iOS apps have the same functionalities, except for short periods of time between version releases. Although generally similar in appearance, there are some visual differences due to platform-specific components.

Main Android and iOS differences

  • On Android, when in main pages press ‘Back’ to kill the app (and on any other page navigates back to the previous page).
  • To trigger actions on items from lists pages (example Search device or Rides) you have to:
  • Android - tap and hold
  • iPhone - slide item left.

Application pages screenshots

Main pages

EggRider main pages screenshots

Stats pages

EggRider stats pages screenshots

Settings pages

EggRider settings pages screenshots

  • Accessible through “Search” tab
  • When the app starts, it scans for EggRider devices and displays them in the list
  • If your device is not showing up in the list
  • Make sure the app has access to bluetooth under your phone's settings
  • Make sure the EggRider display plugged in and turned on
  • Restart the EggRider display
  • Pull down on the page to refresh the scan
  • Click on the device name in the list to connect the app to your display


  • Accessible through the Dashboard icon or after tapping on an item on the Search device.
  • Shows real-time information about your riding.
  • Dashed values displayed can be caused by the following; a communication issue, or not connected to EggRider display.
  • Real-time information is recorded by the app only when this page is visible and connected.
  • Make sure you send the app in the background from this page (press the ‘home’ button on your phone) if you want to record in your statistics while using other apps.
  • Remember that some operating systems can still kill the app running in the background. If this is the case, go into your system settings and disable any optimization or similar settings. Also on Android, you might have the option to lock the app which will prevent it from being killed by the operating system.
  • To return to the settings pages, press the settings icon on the right (on android it can also be achieved using the “back" button).

Rides list

  • Accessible through “Rides” tab.
  • Shows a list of rides recorded from the app or the display.
  • Each ride shows its’ source label, running time, distance, and date it was recorded in the app.
  • Rides are differentiated by the source labels.
  • “App” - Real-time information collected by the app when connected to EggRider display. (includes GPS information such as altitude).
  • "Display A" (Auto) - The last display ride data read at every connection.
  • "Display M" (Manual) - The last display ride data read when “GET DISPLAY STATS” is pressed.
  • Tap on a ride item and a page specific to the source display or app will show. To go back, press “RIDES" on the button in the top right corner.
  • By activating actions you can:
  • "DELETE RIDE" - deletes all ride-related information.
  • On the top bar you have the following extra actions:
  • Get display last Ride stats
  • Delete all Rides with distance < 0.1 km

Ride Summary

  • Accessible by pressing an item with label "App" on the Rides page.
  • Shows recorded rides stats.

Ride Distance/Time Graph

  • Accessible from "Ride Summary" screen by tapping "Distance Graph" or "Time Graph”.
  • Shows the ride's real-time information by having x-axis as distance or time.
  • "Distance Graph" - The ride real-time information (having x-axis as distance).
  • "Time Graph" - The ride real-time information (having x-axis as time).
  • To go back to "Ride summary”, press the arrow in the left top corner (or “back” button on android).
  • These graphs also support two fingers pinch for zoom in/out.
  • On the top bar you have the following extra actions:
  • "Delete Graph" - deletes all the data points related to the trip but keeps the summary stats. You might consider this for saving memory.

Display Stats

  • Accessible from the “Rides list" page by tapping on a ride labelled with "Display A" or "Display M".
  • Shows display stats.
  • ODO labels - lifetime display data values.
  • Ride labels - individual display trip specific values.
  • Three individual columns for each battery's stats.
  • To go back to "Rides list" select "RIDES" in the top right corner.

EggRider display settings

  • Accessible through “EggRider” tab
  • Allows reading/writing EggRider display settings. When connected to a display, a read of the display settings is automatically executed.
  • After a successful read/write, the settings are stored in the app's memory for viewing even when not connected to the display.
  • It is always recommended to follow these steps: “read”, modify then “write”.
  • Some settings might be greyed-out because they depend on other settings eg "RoadMode Max PAS" or "Bafang mode switch”.
  • To aid data input, there are some drop-down lists which appear when tapping fields (e.g. "Wheel size”, "Wheel circumference (mm)”, Batteries “voltages 0%” and “100%” inputs). They will always return to default state "Select" after restarting the app, the values will be saved in the associated entries.

Display advanced settings

  • Accessible by tapping "Advanced" button at the bottom of EggRider display settings page.
  • Allows voltage calibration and battery stats reset.

Battery charging

This function allows you to set an alarm when the battery reaches a specific voltage.
Steps to setup:

  1. Enable Monitor charging when is locked
  2. Select the your desired voltage
  3. Open Dashboard page and press Lock icon
  4. Start charging your battery
  5. When the voltage on the dashboard will reach the voltage you set at step 2, a sound alarm and a popup will be triggered
  6. Please see notes below


  • Make sure your phone is on loud
  • When you start charging the voltage should be at least 1 volt lower than your desired voltage
  • This does not stop your charging, it is just an allert
  • Your phone has to be connected at all time, connection loss might disable the functionality


  • Accessible through “About" tab
  • Gives information about the app and firmware version as well as links to documentation, downloads, issues and product page.