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EggRider display compatibility

EggRider supports more ebikes configurations based on different controller brands.
There are two kinds of compatibilities: * Hardware: connector and pinout compatibility * Software: communication protocol compatibility

Having the same connector/pinout doesn't guarantee a compatibility.

How to find out controller brand?

It is important to identify your controller brand, do not confuse this with the motor brand.
You can find the controller by following the display cable.

If you have a hub wheel motor, most probably your controller is Kunteng or Lishui.
The hub motor ebikes mostly have the controller in an aluminum box attached to the frame or integrated in the battery mount or the bike frame.
If you identified your controller as Kunteng(KT) or Lishui(LSW), keep in mind that we support more types of connectors, not only julet/higo 5 pin waterproof. By giving us pictures with your controller label and the connector that goes to the display we can create an adapter for you.

Bafang mid drive ebikes have the controller integrated into the motor and the type is written on the case.
EggRider is compatible with Bafang mid drive systems:

  • Bafang BBS01 250W/350W/500W/750W
  • Bafang BBS02 250W/350W/500W/750W
  • Bafang BBS03/BBSHD/LUNA 750W/1000W/1500W/2500W/Ludacris
  • Bafang Ultra
  • Bafang Max

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