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EggRiderV2 / display


This website is outdated and not maintained anymore. Please visit our new EggRider user manual.

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EggRider Display

Main screen content


  • Battery percentage
  • Connection status
  • Voltage
  • Riding profile (road or offroad)
  • Speed (mph or kph)
  • Error Code (if an error is present) example: E03 - brake on
  • Range (replaces Error Code): example: R16, R25 (the number being distance in km or miles)
  • Headlight status (if the headlight is switched on)
  • Riding Level
  • Power (W), Current(A), or efficiency (watt per distance unit)
  • Hour (if the app was connected previously) or total trip time
  • Odometer


Power: short press to turn on or off

Up: increase the assist level

Down: decrease the assist level

Mode: switch between road and offroad

Additionally, the following button combinations are available:

  • When the display is off, press Mode (M) + Power until display turns on to load default factory settings. This resets only the display setttings. Bafang also stores settings in the controller, those will still remain.
  • When the display is off, press Up + Power until display turns on to start in Update firmware mode
  • Press Mode for 3 seconds to see trip data
  • Press Down for 3 seconds to activate headlight and to dim the display
  • Press Up for 3 seconds to activate Walk Assist mode, and keep pressed while walking with the bike

Note: Settings, mode, levels, odometer and trip data is saved when the system is shut down by pressing the power button. If the power supply is cut before pressing the power button, the data is not saved into the permanent memory.

Secondary screen (subject to content change)

Stats of the trip since last reset. Based on the setting it can be since display power on or since manually reset.
Note: If the Reset trip -> At start-up setting is selected these values reset only after 50-100 meters of distance is traveled. This is to allow downloading these stats with the mobile app.

  • Wh - Energy used
  • mAh - Capacity used
  • Wh/distance(km/mi) - Efficiency since the last restart, lower value gives longer range
  • SpdAvg - Average speed
  • Km/mi - Traveled distance
  • Time - Moving time, when speed > 0 value in hours, minutes, seconds
  • BmAh - Full battery capacity estimation (dependent heavily on the current accuracy), shows only after certain time/distance
  • SloEff - Efficiency of the last 30 minutes of travel

Lifetime stats

  • Total 00001245 - Traveled distance (km/mi)
  • Wh - Energy used
  • mAh - Capacity used
  • BmAh - Full battery capacity estimation (last 10 trips or so)
  • R.mOhm - Battery series resistance (calculated in the last hour or so)
  • BCyc - Battery cycles (calculated using the declared capacity), estimates how many times you fully charged the battery.
  • Range - Distance to go until the battery runs out