Rice Rocks

You control a little spaceship that is opposed to the cosmic asteroids.


This game is remake of the final project of An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python course on Coursera from Rice Univercity.

How to start play

You have two choices:

  • Download beta version in Play Market for your Android device.

  • You can start it from source code for this you need installing python and Kivy. Here instructions for Windows users.

  • I'm also planing share binary file for MS Windows systems, but it not ready yet.


  1. Update game for two players on one device.
  2. Draw normal joystick on screen instead buttons.
  3. Add settings for key mapping and etc.
  4. Allow multiplayer game on multiple devices.

History versions

  • first version in Play Market

  • stable work on python 2.7

Copyright 2016 - 2017 Egor Poderyagin.

All source code released under MIT license, more details in LICENSE file.

All sound effects taken from and remastered in Audacity, if you will reuse it, you must credit in your project.

Some of images had taken from final project of "An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python" course on Coursera from Rice Univercity and can used for not commercial purposes.