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 Release 0.6.5 (in development)
+* #345: Fix cropping of sidebar scroll bar with ``stickysidebar``
+  option of the default theme.
+* #341: Always generate UNIX newlines in the quickstart Makefile.
+* #338: Fix running with ``-C`` under Windows.
 * In autodoc, allow customizing the signature of an object where
   the built-in mechanism fails.


         self.config = Config(confdir, CONFIG_FILENAME, confoverrides, self.tags)
+        # set confdir to srcdir if -C given (!= no confdir); a few pieces
+        # of code expect a confdir to be set
+        if self.confdir is None:
+            self.confdir = self.srcdir
         # load all extension modules
         for extension in self.config.extensions:


         self.note_citations_from(docname, doctree)
         self.build_toc_from(docname, doctree)
-        # store time of reading, used to find outdated files
+        # store time of build, for outdated files detection
         self.all_docs[docname] = time.time()
         if app:


     if d['makefile']:
         d['rsrcdir'] = d['sep'] and 'source' or '.'
         d['rbuilddir'] = d['sep'] and 'build' or d['dot'] + 'build'
-        f = open(path.join(d['path'], 'Makefile'), 'w')
+        # use binary mode, to avoid writing \r\n on Windows
+        f = open(path.join(d['path'], 'Makefile'), 'wb')
         f.write((MAKEFILE % d).encode('utf-8'))


 div.sphinxsidebar {
     {%- if theme_stickysidebar|tobool %}
     top: 30px;
+    bottom: 0;
     margin: 0;
     position: fixed;
     overflow: auto;
-    height: 100%;
+    height: auto;
     {%- endif %}
     {%- if theme_rightsidebar|tobool %}
     float: right;
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