eigen / INSTALL

Installation instructions for Eigen

Explanation before starting

Eigen consists only of header files, hence there is nothing to compile
before you can use it. Moreover, these header files do not depend on your
platform, they are the same for everybody.

Method 1. Installing without using CMake

You can use right away the headers in the Eigen/ subdirectory. In order
to install, just copy this Eigen/ subdirectory to your favorite location.
If you also want the unsupported features, copy the unsupported/
subdirectory too.

Method 2. Installing using CMake

Let's call this directory 'source_dir' (where this INSTALL file is).
Before starting, create another directory which we will call 'build_dir'.


  cd build_dir
  cmake source_dir
  make install

The "make install" step may require administrator privileges.

You can adjust the installation destination (the "prefix")
by passing the -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=myprefix option to cmake, as is
explained in the message that cmake prints at the end.