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TODO-List for Pondus

v0.5.3 or later
 * error message when adding dataset and sorted by weight
   in `newiter = self.datalist.append(newdata.as_list())`
   -> causes no problems, ask on pygtk list?
 * add file-exists-warning on save plot and csv export?
 * version information in xml files for easier conversion to newer formats?

v0.6.0 or later

 * use spinbutton instead of weight entry in add/edit dialog
    - what about dates? use calendar widget?
 * allow defining a target weight by entering bmi
 * allow selection and deletion of multiple datasets in listview
 * plot: color background to indicate over-/under-weight
 * smooth the weight curve to filter out natural day-to-day differences

 * plot: remove ``update'' button?
 * plot: tooltip if bmi disabled telling neccessity to enter height
 * more tooltips to ease usage?
 * clean up plot dialog
 * use frames in pref dialog?

v0.7.0 or later

 * optional fields: body fat?
   optionally add to plot with second y-scale?
 * csv import/export
    - allow to convert values from kg to lbs
    - support more date formats for csv import? in `util.str2date`
    - document recognized formats in dialog
    - support not only `,` as field separator
    - support `,` as decimal separator

 * simplify dataset: use id also as key in data?

 * validate xml?
 * stick to interface guidelines? usability?
 * unit tests?
 * prettier logo and artwork?
 * use py2exe for windows version?