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09.06.11: release 0.8.0

  • Bump minimum required version of python to 2.5
  • Add options to track bodyfat, muscle and water percentage (can be activated in preferences)
  • Add option to add notes to datasets (can be activated in preferences)
  • Plot bodyfat, muscle or water using second y-axis in graph
  • Set default plot range to "Last Year" and replace "Last 3 months" with "Last 6 months"
  • Display bodyfat, muscle, water and notes as tooltips in main window
  • Add Finnish translation (Thanks Esa Rautiainen)
  • Add Hebrew translation (Thanks Yaron Shahrabani)
  • Add Russian translation (Thanks Alex Slabchenko)
  • Add Turkish translation (Thanks Muhammet Kara)
  • Updated translations: bg, de, sv

21.01.11: release 0.7.3

  • Make add/edit dialog transient (Thanks niqueco for the initial patch)
  • Documentation updates: official homepage is now at bitbucket
  • Add Bulgarian translation (Thanks Yasen Pramatarov)
  • Add Esperanto translation (Thanks Axel Rousseau)
  • Updated translations: fr

16.03.10: translations via transifex

Translations of pondus can now be created and updated via Transifex.

14.02.10: release 0.7.2

  • Disable threaded import on non-POSIX platforms; did not work on windows

25.01.10: release 0.7.1

  • Update date range when in-/excluding the plan in the plot if necessary
  • Add Swedish translation (Thanks Peter Landgren)
  • Updated translations: it

20.12.09: moved to Bitbucket / BerliOS

Pondus has moved to Bitbucket as the default project hosting site. Furthermore, the development mailing list has moved to BerliOS.

20.12.09: release 0.7.0

  • Switch to MIT license
  • Bump minimum required version of pygtk to 2.12
  • Import matplotlib in a separate thread in the background to reduce startup time. Plotting is enabled once the import is completed.
  • Add "Last 3 Months" daterange to plot dialog and make it default if the weight history goes further back than 3 months and if measurements exist in the last 3 months
  • When using imperial units, interpret csv-im-/exported data as lbs
  • Fix crash when trying to smooth nonexistent data
  • Add more tooltips to improve usability
  • Minor performance improvements and code cleanup
  • Updated translations: de, es, pl

19.07.09: release 0.6.0

  • The weight plot can be smoothed to filter out short-term fluctations and to emphasize the general trend of the weight (Thanks Stefano Maggiolo for the initial patch)
  • Add option to replace the date entry with a calendar widget in the add/edit dialog (Thanks Stefano Costa for the initial patch)
  • Use a spinbutton for entering the weight in the add/edit dialog
  • Fix visibility of edit-/quit-button in toolbar with recent versions of pygtk
  • Minor usability tweaks to the plot dialog
  • Add information about the used format to the xml-file to ease future conversions to new formats
  • Add Polish translation (Thanks Adam Piotrowicz)
  • Updated translations: de, fr

19.07.09: Pondus on Bitbucket

A mirror of the pondus repository is now available on Bitbucket.

10.12.08: release 0.5.3

  • Fix crash on first startup
  • Remove shebang from non-executable files (Thanks Sindre Pedersen Bjørdal for the patch)

07.12.08: release 0.5.2

  • Add a file lock to prevent two instances of pondus from editing the same file
  • Enable editing the selected row with "CTR-e" again
  • Quit pondus with "CTR-q"
  • Fix xml parsing problems when height element is missing
  • Add Italian translation (Thanks Stefano Costa)
  • Updated translations: de, es

05.09.08: release 0.5.1

  • Fix crash on first startup

03.09.08: release 0.5.0

  • Allow user to enter his/her height and to plot the body mass index
  • Move option to plot the weight plan from the preferences dialog to the plot dialog
  • Restructure xml scheme: all user data is now saved in a single file at `/.pondus/user_data.xml` and weight is always saved as kg
  • Fix sensitivity of plot action when not using weight planner
  • Require python-elementtree (only for python < 2.5)
  • Add Spanish translation (Thanks Enrique José Hernández Blasco)
  • Add Columbian Spanish translation (Thanks Abdón Sánchez)

31.05.08: public mailing list

Pondus now has a public mailing list: pondus-dev at sharesource dot org

16.05.08: release 0.4.1

  • Fix crash if matplotlib is not available
  • Add French translation

12.04.08: release 0.4.0

  • Add an optional weight planner to define "target weights" for the future and an option to plot the plan for comparison with the measured weight
  • Add CSV Im-/Export dialogs
  • Update plot if 'Enter' is pressed in one of the date entry fields
  • The edit dialog can no longer be opened with 'CTR-e' or the toolbar button, please use 'Enter' or double-click instead

06.03.08: release 0.3.0

  • Add preferences dialog:
    • Option to use 'kg' or 'lbs' as the weight unit
    • Option to remember window size
  • Plot can be saved to a file
  • Disable plotting functions if matplotlib is not available to make matplotlib only recommended, but not required.

19.02.08: release 0.2.0

  • Internationalization Support: Pondus can now be translated to languages other than English; see po/README for details on how to create a new translation.
  • Select and scroll to newly created dataset after add
  • Custom date range in plot: User can provide start/end date
  • Add German translation

10.02.08: Pondus in Debian

Pondus just entered Debian Sid and if nothing unexpected happens, it will soon also be available in Testing.

03.02.08: Pondus hosted at ShareSource

The Pondus source code is now hosted in a Mercurial repository at ShareSource. Get the code with

$ hg clone

You can also report bugs there.