1. Eike Nicklas
  2. st2ttb


The aim of these scripts is to convert workout data from SportsTracker
to trainingstagebuch.org. They use the trainingstagebuch API documented at

These scipts require python (>2.5) and the command line program curl.

Imports SportStracker data to trainingstagebuch.org.

Supported Features:
 * Day notes and weight data are added to the daily data
 * Materials are added from SportsTracker equipment
 * Sports are added from SportsTracker SportTypes and SubSportTypes
 * Workouts are added from SportsTracker exercises and linked
   hrm-files are imported to trainingstagebuch.org

Imports all exercises from SportsTracker, that are newer than the latest
workout in trainingstagebuch, to trainingstagebuch.

Contact Information:
Developer: Eike Nicklas <eike@ephys.de>
Homepage: https://bitbucket.org/eike/st2ttb