Gnuplot Cactus visualisation page has multiple issues

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Issue #1044 new
Ian Hinder created an issue

The page has the following problems:

* The instructions for viewing multi-iteration 1D data from the IOASCII thorn do not work.  Since the iterations are separated by only a single blank line, you cannot use the "index" option in the Gnuplot "plot" command as the instructions tell you to do.  I suspect that either the output format or Gnuplot itself has changed since the instructions were written.  Erik suggests using some form of "every" to visualise this data in Gnuplot.

* This page renders poorly in both Safari (webkit) and Firefox (gecko).  The light blue boxes containing text to be typed have a strange artefact on the left side, and the initial paragraph is wrapped poorly.

* All of the links in the table of contents are broken.


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