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Issue #1059 resolved
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When sim submit -remote ... fails to queue a job because the allocation has been overdrawn, simfactory does not print any error message to screen (it is only hidden in the log file).

Could it be made to print an error message to screen?

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  1. Roland Haas
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    This no longer happens. Simfactory (even --remote) now ends its output with "Warning: submit either failed or could not determine job id, output:" followed by the raw output from the submit command. Eg for a quick test trying to remote-submit to a non-existing allocation on Blue Waters I get:

    Executing submit command: cd /scratch/sciteam/rhaas/simulations/foo/output-0000 && qsub /scratch/sciteam/rhaas/simulations/foo/output-0000/SIMFACTORY/SubmitScript

    Warning: submit either failed or could not determine job id, output:


    WARNING: A scan of your job script did not find an invocation of 'aprun'/'ccmrun'.

    This may be due to using another command to invoke 'aprun'/'ccmrun', or the use of a shell variable.

    Job will be submitted as usual, but please ensure your job script eventually invokes 'aprun'/'ccmrun' command to execute tasks on allocated compute nodes. Please contact if you need any assistance.

    ERROR: No allocation for project account (bar). Please specify a project acount with valid allocation. e.g. 'qsub -A <project_account>' Please contact if you need assistance.

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