Can't build Carpet with MPI = CUSTOM in the optionlist

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There was 1 error during execution of the CST This must be corrected before compilation can proceed

Having Carpet as a thorn in the Thronlist, but not "ExternaLibraries/MPI" the build fails with the message:

[snip] CST error 1: -> Thorn 'Carpet' requires the capability 'MPI'. Please add a thorn that provides 'MPI' to your ThornList or remove 'Carpet' from it ! [snip]

However, adding the thorn "ExternaLibraries/MPI" to the Thornlist gives the error:

[snip] CST error 1: -> Configuration script for thorn MPI returned exit code 1 Error message: 'Setting the option "MPI" is incompatible with the MPI thorn. Please remove the option MPI=CUSTOM.'


I need "MPI = CUSTOM" because Intel MPI shoould be used.

The error occurs with the actual Carpet version

changeset: 3658:dca1e61b47bd tag: tip user: Roland Haas date: Fri Sep 07 23:18:34 2012 -0400 summary: Carpet: insert routines into Boundary group to capture boundary update


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  1. Ian Hinder
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    You do not need MPI = CUSTOM. Use ExternalLibraries/MPI and set MPI_DIR to NO_BUILD to stop it from trying to build OpenMPI. Then set MPI_LIBS, MPI_INC_DIRS and MPI_LIB_DIRS as appropriate.

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