cctk_Capabilities.h has strange content

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Issue #1088 closed
Erik Schnetter created an issue

The autogenerated per-thon file cctk_Capabilities.h has a strange content. It seems to include, for each thorn, configuration files form all thorns that precede it alphabetically. For example, thorn Accelerator's cctk_Capabilities.h looks like:

#include "../Configuration/Thorns/cctki_ADM.h"
#include "../Configuration/Thorns/cctki_ADMAnalysis.h"
#include "../Configuration/Thorns/cctki_ADMBase.h"
#include "../Configuration/Thorns/cctki_ADMConstraints.h"
#include "../Configuration/Thorns/cctki_AHFinder.h"
#include "../Configuration/Thorns/cctki_AHFinderDirect.h"
#include "../Configuration/Thorns/cctki_Accelerator.h"


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  1. Roland Haas
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    I believe the reason is a missplaced `$temp = ''` command. Attached please find a patch for it.

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