Submitting an existing simulation does not take the walltime from the previous restart

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Issue #111 closed
Ian Hinder created an issue

I have submitted a simulation several times:

sim2 --remotemachine kraken submit parfiles/cptest.par 12 1:00:00 sim2 --remotemachine kraken submit parfiles/cptest.par sim2 --remotemachine kraken submit parfiles/cptest.par

expecting the second and third jobs to inherit the walltime of the first one. However, they appear in the qstat output on Kraken with 24 hours (the default walltime).

[hinder@kraken-pwd4 simulations]$ qstat -u hinder

nid00016: Kraken (UT/NICS Cray XT5) Req'd Req'd Elap Job ID Username Queue Jobname SessID NDS Tasks Memory Time S Time

866498.nid00016 hinder small cptest -- -- 12 -- 01:00 Q -- 866499.nid00016 hinder small cptest -- -- 12 -- 24:00 Q -- 866500.nid00016 hinder small cptest -- -- 12 -- 24:00 Q --


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