Wrong CarpetIOASCII headers for complex 2D output.

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Issue #1117 closed
Christian Reisswig created an issue

I am outputting a 2d complex array (called "extracted_vars") using 2d CarpetIOASCII output.

Using the standard output format, the data starts at column 13. So the first array element "extracted_vars[0]" is at column 13. Now, since I have a complex array, the second element, "extracted_vars[1]", must be at column 15 (column 14 contains the imaginary part of element [0]). In older versions of Carpet, this was reported correctly in the header. In the current version, it is incorrect. The second element, "extracted_vars[1]" is reported to be in column 14 instead of 15.


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  1. Roland Haas
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    Seems to work for me. Outputting NullNews's NewsB group I get:

    # column format: 1:it   2:tl    3:rl 4:c 5:ml   6:ix 7:iy 8:iz  9:time  10:x 11:y 12:z  13:data
    # data columns: 13:NewsB[0] 15:NewsB[1]

    which is fine. It just does not list every single colum ie one has to know that with column 13 being (real of) NewsB[0] that column 14 is imag(NewB[0]).

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