Incorrect header info for 2d CarpetIOASCII when "compact_format=yes"

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Issue #1118 closed
Christian Reisswig created an issue

I am outputting a 2d array using 2d CarpetIOASCII output. I use CarpetIOASCII::compact_format = yes. The header incorrectly reports that the data starts in column 7. The data really starts in column 5. The header reports that there are x and y coordinates present, which is not the case for 2d arrays, which then presumedly leads to the incorrect column counting.


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  1. Erik Schnetter
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    Can you try this patch instead?

    diff --git a/Carpet/CarpetIOASCII/src/ b/Carpet/CarpetIOASCII/src/ioas
    index 0a966d5..74557e5 100644
    --- a/Carpet/CarpetIOASCII/src/
    +++ b/Carpet/CarpetIOASCII/src/
    @@ -1377,7 +1377,7 @@ namespace CarpetIOASCII {
             os << "\t" << col++ << ":time";
    -        if (not compact_format) {
    +        if (not compact_format or grouptype == CCTK_GF) {
               for (int d=0; d<dim; ++d) {
                 os << (d==0 ? "\t" : " ") << col++ << ":" << coords[d];

    It is simpler, and uses the same logic while outputting headers as when outputting the coordinates.

    The check dim vs. groupdim is not necessary since CCTK_GF always have dim dimensions.

  2. Roland Haas
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    I always liked simpler logic. In particular in where the nested if statements are becoming a nuisance. I ended up removing the "else" clasue after the if in line 1377 (ie. the on Erik modified). Otherwise the code finds (for compact_format=yes but grouptype == CCTK_ARRAY) that it will enter the else clause and output coordinates after all. I also attach the (modifed InterpToArray) test file that I had used for the tests. The attached patch was also updated and now produces the desired output with the simpler code Erik suggested.

  3. Roland Haas
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    The tests in CarpetIOASCII already test this I think. The only problem is that the test system ignores the comments that make up the header (as well as normally tests not including headers since IO::out_fileinfo = "none"). Applied as hash ab044d454ede8dccb94235d8a5c36369cc6c61d3 "CarpetIOASCII: do not output coordinate column labels for grid arrays in" of Carpet.

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