CarpetInterp2: New ENO2 interpolator

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Issue #1120 closed
Christian Reisswig created an issue

The above patch introduces eno2 to CarpetInterp2. It works very similar to the the original Lagrange interpolator. The only difference is that the new interpolator uses a new class fasterp_eno2_src_loc_t instead of the original fasterp_src_loc_t. Similar to what is done in fasterp_src_loc_t, fasterp_eno2_src_loc_t computes the stencil coefficients and stores them. The interpolation algorithm with fasterp_eno2_src_loc_t is adapted for eno2.

I had to introduce templates to recycle the surrounding code in which fasterp_src_loc_t/fasterp_eno2_src_loc_t is used.

The above patch was tested with a 2-patch and a 7-patch system, a shock tube and an excited TOV. The necessary changes to Llama/Interpolate2 are contained in a different patch.

Keyword: CarpetInterp2,
Keyword: eno2

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  1. Erik Schnetter
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    The patch seems relatively harmless; most of the complexity is in the ENO interpolator, which is new, so this patch is unlikely to break existing code. Please apply.

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