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Jian Tao created an issue

Following the instructions on the Cactus website will not lead to a successful run due to the introduction to ash. This frustrates new Cactus users.

I would suggest to add

!BRANCH = Cactus_4.0.0

to the thorn list to make it work at least.


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  1. Ian Hinder
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    Please can you point to the tutorial, and maybe the thornlist, that you are referring to?

  2. Roland Haas

    The tutorial specified works for me on my Linux box once I replace gmake with make (though it has lots of libraries installed). It also works on a pristine OSX VM (which has nothing useful installed) as long as I use curl instead of wget to download GetComponents and replace gmake with make. This uses clang as the "gcc" compiler and produces lots of warnings of the type

    #if can currently do #ifdef and #ifndef, sorry ! (At cctk_Config.h::428.) 
    Unrecognised # directive at cctk_Config.h:432

    Thus the original issue seems to be fixed. The tutorial itself should be updated to avoid using "gmake". "curl" vs. "wget" is likely something that will fail on either Linux or OSX. OSX seems to come with curl but at least the tutorial instructions would seem to indicate that at least for Ubuntu (as the most common Linux distro one encounters) does not install curl by default.

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