Adding PeriodicCarpet to the Einstein Toolkit

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Issue #1139 closed
Eloisa Bentivegna created an issue

Old thorn Periodic does not behave correctly with AMR patches that overlap the periodic boundaries (see ticket #694). A significantly different mechanism to handle has been implemented, by Erik, in LSUThorns/PeriodicCarpet. This thorn should be added to the Einstein Toolkit, and slowly replace Periodic.

Before introducing this thorn to the ET, we need at least one testcase with AMR.


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  1. Roland Haas
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    Really replace? Will it work with PUGH (required at least for test cases if not for much else anymore).

  2. Erik Schnetter
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    This thorn is specific to Carpet, as the name indicates. PUGH provides built-in periodic boundaries and doesn't need an external thorn.

    I believe the thorn is ready to be included except for the lack of documentation.

  3. Eloisa Bentivegna reporter
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    And the lack of a test with AMR that proves that the thorn succeeds where Periodic fails. I'm working on this now.

  4. Eloisa Bentivegna reporter
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    I've now committed an AMR test and some documentation. Please take a look and see if anything can be added or improved.

  5. Frank Löffler
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    After a quick glance - Please mention in "param.ccl: peridic" that this enables all directions (in particular that you don't need this if you set (some of) periodic_[xyz]). Alternatively, the parameter could be named periodic_xyz. - Please document that none of these parameters can be used to turn periodic boundary conditions off. In particular, 'periodic = yes; periodic_z = no' wouldn't do what you might expect.

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