Remove unnecessary exp/log calls in EOS_Omni

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Issue #1172 new
Erik Schnetter created an issue

EOS_Omni seems to call exp/log more often than necessary in the nuc_eos table lookup routines. Use algebraic identities to remove them.


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  1. Frank Löffler
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    Can you please provide specific examples, or maybe even a patch? I fear otherwise this ticket is just going to rot here.

  2. anonymous
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    Here is one example:

      barotropiceos_logrho(:) = log10(10.0d0**barotropiceos_logrho(:) * rho_gf)

    This code first exponentiates a quantity, and then takes a logarithm. The code contains many other similar expressions. I believe this code was implemented as a literal translation from a publication, without optimizing its numerics.

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