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Frank Löffler created an issue

It would be convenient to have an option to automatically generate a log of building Cactus. This can usually be done just by piping the output of the 'make' command into a file, but for parallel builds this gets mixed up. It would be nice to have the output instead done by Cactus itself, on a file-by-file basis and, once done with a thorn, combined into a 'thorn-wide log' and once done with all thorns into an overall log file.

This would then make it much easier to post-process such logs, e.g., for analysis of occurring compiler warnings.


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  1. Erik Schnetter
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    I hear that LLVM is considering moving from make to ninja. I haven't used it myself, but if we redesign Cactus's make system, then a move to another mainstream make system may be worthwhile.

    ninja builds in parallel by default, and buffers output in the way you describe above.

  2. Ian Hinder
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    It would be useful to have the time taken to compile the file in this log.

    Aren't most compiler error messages prefixed with the name of the file anyway?

    There are existing compilation-log analysis tools.

  3. Frank Löffler reporter
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    Most compilers probably put the name of the file in the message. However, some might not, some might put things into multiple lines (especially for multiple warnings in the same file) and even then just knowning the file name isn't enough - we would have to be able to uniquely connect that back to a specific thorn, which in general we cannot. It would be interesting to try existing tools, and yes - timings would be interesting too.

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