Add an option to sim build to disable parallel building

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Issue #1198 new
Ian Hinder created an issue

It would be useful to have an option to "sim build" to disable parallel build. We could then ask users to run with this when they have build problems so that we can clearly see the error.

This would need a more structured "make" simfactory variable. Perhaps there could be a MAKE_TASKS variable, and then we could set "make = make -j@MAKE_TASKS@". MAKE_TASKS could be set either by an entry in the machine database, an option in the optionlist, or by simfactory when a --no-parallel-build option was set.


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  1. Erik Schnetter
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    We could just ask them to say "make sim-debug"...

    Simfactory is not supposed to offer people many options. Simfactory is supposed to do thing automatically. There are many features of the Cactus build system that Simfactoy doesn't support (cleandeps, clean, build, ...)

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