Sliced HDF5 output index file not stored correctly

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Issue #1200 closed
David Radice created an issue

Index HDF5 datafiles appear to be not handled correctly in the case of sliced data. The files are created and initialized correctly at the first iteration, but every subsequent access fails with an HDF5 error.

I am attaching the output of a simulation showing the issue as well as a patch the fixes the problem for me.


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  1. David Radice reporter
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    I cannot commit the patch, as I do not have write access to the carpet repository...

  2. Roland Haas
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    Applied as hash 2c6ced8b7e84af5509e58d09865a88b52385321e "CarpetIOHDF5: Sliced HDF5 output index file not stored correctly" of Carpet. I even could assign authorship to David (so don't trust authorship in commits anymore, anybody could claim to be Erik :-) ).

    Given how obviously correct the patch is and that this would prevent any run from using sliced output with index files: ok to also apply to the release branch of Carpet?

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