Improve output format of Carpet timer trees

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Issue #1232 open
Erik Schnetter created an issue

Marek Blazewicz reports:

I was using the timer tree in Carpet. Because it was not too nicely outputted, and I had to format it manually each time, I've fixed it ;).


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  1. Erik Schnetter reporter
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    Marek says:

    First for "untimed", the precision was 1, always. I unified it with other lines.

    Secondly I've changed the width of the column float field (duration in s.) to the maximal printed length. These are # digits before decimal sep. (.) + 1 for dec. sep. + precision. The length of the field is computed once (log10(total time (which I assume is the largest number))) and passed to children via recurrence, to avoid unnecessary computations.

    For '%' of total time I've used constant equation: 3 (log(100) + 1) + 1 + precision.

    Thanks to these changes the time tree looks like tree ;)

  2. Frank Löffler
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    The patch no longer applies, and since the output format seems to have changed in the meantime, there is no quick way to see how to merge.

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