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Issue #1234 new
Seth Hopper created an issue

Carpet: Output grid structure after initialization/recovery

Previously, the first iteration was always 0 on recovery.


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  1. Erik Schnetter
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    These lines should output the initial grid structure. Moving them to a later time means that they execute after regrid operations that may happen during initial data setup, i.e. they would not output the initial grid structure any more. Since each regrid operation also outputs the new grid structure (depending on parameter settings), these lines would then be superfluous.

  2. Seth Hopper reporter
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    Currently, whenever a simulation recovers from a checkpoint, the grid structure file always starts with iteration 0, before jumping to the actual current iteration. This causes trouble for visualizing grid structures. In order to avoid this, the relevant lines could stay where they are, but be put inside an if-statement to prevent reprinting after recovery. How does that sound?

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