hdf5 index files created for checkpoints not deleted

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Issue #1273 closed
Wolfgang Kastaun created an issue

I recently evolved with activated hdf5 index file creation, using the Oersted release. I notice that also for checkpoint files the index files are saved, but in contrast to the checkpoint files themselves, the old index files are never deleted. I had more than 25000 checkpoint index files accumulated in my simulation directory !


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  1. Roland Haas
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    The two patches attached should fix this by (1) adding a separate option to control index files for checkpoints, (2) remove index files along with checkpoint files (does some string manipulation along the lines of cp.it_12.file_0.h5 -> p.it_12.file_0.idx.h5 by inserting ".idx" just before the ".h5" part).

    Ok to backport both to Oersted or only the actual bugfix in patch 2 (patch 1 is a fix of a mis-feature)?

  2. Erik Schnetter
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    I disagree with a separate option for checkpoint files. If the index files are really fast and cheap, this option should not be necessary. And after all, checkpoint files are also read, either by visualisation tools (e.g. for NaN debugging), or when restarting; in both cases, index files could be useful (depending on the reader).

    The change in default value can obviously not be back-ported. The new parameter should also not be backported. Deleting checkpoints' index files should be backported as bug fix.

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