Harmonic shift in McLachlan only works for conformalMethod = 1 (W method)

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Issue #1289 closed
Ian Hinder created an issue

The harmonic shift implemented in #591 is missing the case discrimination for the conformalMethod parameter; the way it is currently coded is correct for conformalMethod = 1 (W method) but not for conformalMethod = 0 (phi method). My original version of the code had the two variants but I removed this at some point while testing and my submitted patch contained only conformalMethod = 1. In my original notes, I have this

alpha^2 em4phi (gtu[ua, 
     uk] (PD[alpha, lk]/alpha + 
      2 IfThen[conformalMethod, -1/(2 phi), 1] PD[phi, lk]) - 
   gtu[ua, ul] gtu[uj, um] PD[gt[ll, lm], lj])

which should be checked again before committing.

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  1. Ian Hinder reporter
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    Bernard Kelly has provided a patch (attached to #591) which includes the harmonic shift equation for conformalMethod = 0. I have tested that this yields the correct convergence to the exact solution for the 3D shifted gauge wave. Committed in McLachlan:

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