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Frank Löffler created an issue

Part of CST should run already before external libraries are built. In particular missing thorns (in the thornlist, but not present in the checkout) should produce an error message as early as possible.


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  1. Erik Schnetter
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    We are currently mis-using the configuration stage to build external libraries. This stage is support to detect (like autoconf) what features are present on the system. Building a significant amount of code there should not happen. Instead, we should record the findings (whether a particular library has been found on the system or not), and then build the library as the thorn is built. The existing dependency mechanisms should already ensure that the thorn is built before other thorns depending on it.

    The current scripts that build external libraries consist essentially of two parts, a configuration part and a build part. It should be straightforward to separate these, and to call the build part from make.code.defn.

    One issue is then how to provide the configuration information for the libraries before they are built. In most cases, this is simple, but in some cases, we call e.g. pkg-config of the recently-built external library, and this would not work any more. However, it should not be difficult to work around this, since we know exactly what version of what library is going to be installed, and in most cases, the pkg-config information is not reliable anyway.

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