Formaline should store the thornlist

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Issue #1301 wontfix
Ian Hinder created an issue

Formaline should store the thornlist used to build the configuration. This will make it easier to reconstruct a working Cactus tree from the Formaline output.


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  1. Frank Löffler
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    Is this saved to the simulation output directory? I guess this is what Ian meant?

  2. Erik Schnetter
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    This is saved to the tarballs. If you un-tar them, the thorn list is exactly where Cactus expects it to be for a new build.

  3. Roland Haas
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    Since thornlist is included in the tarball and the list of compiled thorns is also in formaline-jar.txt which contains both thorn names eg:


    as well as arrangements:


    all information is present.

    Eg a:

    awk -v FS='[/="]' '/^thorn_arrangements/{print $4"/"$2}' formaline-jar.txt

    gets the thornlist required to compile (but not to checkout which Cactus does not know anything about). That latter one is only stored on the tarball.

    I think there is direct need to add extra code for all conceivable cases of Formaline use if that leads to extra output files and extra code to maintain.

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