problem with creating a new project with an existing cactus directory

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Issue #1306 closed
srichers created an issue

When a new project is created and fed the location of a local Cactus directory, the Mojave 'build' command does not work right away because it tries to execute simfactory from the workspace directory. It would be nice if the commands were executed in the existing directory rather than the workspace one so the .mojave.xml file doesn't have to be changed. (or a basedir variable in the mojave.xml file could be added and prepended to each filename)

Also, the indexer does not work properly for new projects with an existing cactus directory. It does not recognize anything (cactus types, functions from other files, etc). It works somewhat better, though not completely, if the Cactus directory is put into the appropriate folder in workspace/ before creating the project. (recognizes Cactus internals, but not e.g. functions defined in other thorns)


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