TRAC home page does not give a link for ET tickets

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Issue #132 closed
Ian Hinder created an issue

The "TRAC home" page in the ET TRAC does not give a hyperlink for Einstein Toolkit tickets.


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  1. Frank Löffler
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    It does - it is the link above: "all open tickets". Should we repeat the link below?

  2. Ian Hinder reporter
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    I was wanting a link for open tickets for the "Einstein Toolkit" component, rather than a link to all tickets. I now realise that there is no "Einstein Toolkit" component. I think that the list on the "Trac Home" page should be a list of the TRAC components.

    This brings up a related issue: if I want to open a ticket against a particular thorn in the ET, what component should I use?

  3. Frank Löffler
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    There is a list of components now (not all, but the main ones). And there is the link to all tickets, sorted by component - which is almost the same.

    I also added a component "EinsteinToolkit thorn" to catch thorns which are not within Cactus or Carpet, but part of the toolkit. It's not ideal, but let's see how we go with it.

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